Planespotting: Checking out the planes

Fewer things in life are more impressive than a plane taking off. It's a powerful sight to see as these large aircraft take off so gracefully into the sky. Find the best spot at Schiphol.

Vliegtuigen spotten

Schiphol is a place that welcomes every aircraft enthusiast. There is so much to see, with over 110 airlines which carry out more than 450,000 yearly flights. Virtually every day there's a different type of aircraft to photograph – and if you're lucky, you might spot a rare plane or one on its inaugural flight!

The best spots for planespotting

We'd wager that many seasoned plane-spotters already know where to go – but we recommend Buitenveldertbaan and along the runway. You'll have fantastic views of take-off and landings, and the 'spotter zones' are free to use.

Planespotting along Polderbaan

The newest runway is also the most used - and you’ll have the best chances of spotting all sorts of aircraft here. The planes start on this track, heading north to take off and south to land, depending on the wind direction.

You can spot planes at the end of IJweg, on the west side of the runway. Set your GPS for Amsterdam 2141 CN

Planespotting along Buitenveldertbaan

Buitenveldertbaan is used for east-to-west take-offs and landings. As always, this is often dependent on the wind direction. You also have some visibility over Oostbaan and Aalsmeerbaan from here.

You can spot planes at Buitenveldertbaan in Schiphol East. It’s accessible by the N231 motorway Schipholdijk turnoff, and by setting your GPS to 1118 EL.