News: Schiphol keeps noise impact within the limits

Over the past operating year 2002, Schiphol kept within the agreed limits for noise levels. The five measures agreed upon with The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) to prevent surpassing noise level limits were successfully implemented by Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL). This does not mean that people are not experiencing noise nuisance. What this does mean is that the agreements regarding noise impact - in other words how much noise is allowed - have been adhered to. The report in which Schiphol accounts for the noise impact produced at the enforcement points was recently submitted to the Inspectorate for assessment.

Published on: 6 December 2022

Noise impact Schiphol-Oostbaan and Buitenveldertbaan runways

ILT imposed five measures this July because the noise level limit at enforcement point 20 had been surpassed in 2021. This particular enforcement point is located beyond the Schiphol-Oostbaan and Buitenveldertbaan runways. These runways were used more frequently in 2021, during the period of major maintenance on the Polderbaan Runway. To prevent another such transgression in 2022, ILT came up with the following measures (that have been complied with):

  1. Until the end of September, no more than 86% of the total noise capacity at enforcement point 20 could be used. The remaining noise capacity, up to 100%, could then be used between 1 and 31 October. In the end, 64.5% of the noise capacity had been used by 30 October.
  2. On 1 August, Schiphol and LVNL submitted a management plan to ILT in order to prevent further breaches.
  3. The management plan was also implemented in practice. Enforcement point 20 was monitored every week and there was a scenario in place in case intervention was necessary.
  4. As of September, a fortnightly report was submitted to ILT regarding the use of available noise capacity at enforcement point 20.
  5. Schiphol showed ILT how runway maintenance combined with the use of noise capacity form part of the airport's quality management systems.

No breaches in operating year 2022

Operating year 2022 ended on 31 October 2022. The accountability report for the last operating year also showed that no other transgressions at other enforcement points besides point 20 were identified. In the end, 67.4% of the noise capacity for enforcement point 20 was used. The highest noise load at the end of operating year 2022 was at enforcement point 25 to the southeast of the Aalsmeerbaan Runway. 88.6% of the total noise capacity was used up there.

Read more on noise limits here: (information in Dutch)