News: Schiphol fans for life

De prijswinnaars tijdens hun rondleiding

Published on: 22 June 2017

Two of the prize winners with the most original ideas for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Year 2050 have by now redeemed their prizes. The competition was part of the ‘100 Years of Schiphol – Ready for Departure?’ exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum. Along with their families, the two prize winners came to Schiphol for a sightseeing flight and guided tour

The day commenced at Jet Support’s Hangar No. 3. The winners admired a Cessna and Piper and, needless to say, wanted to have their pictures taken with them. They then boarded the aircraft together with their parents and the pilots (our colleagues Danny van Munster and Dennis Jonkers) for a sightseeing flight over Amsterdam, Muiden and Muiderslot Castle.

Once back on terra firma, the group was given a guided tour of Schiphol-Oost on the yellow OPS bus. To close off their special day, the prize winners had a big lunch, after which they went home, carrying with them a whole heap of new impressions, as well as a well-stocked goodie bag. Schiphol got itself two fans for life!