News: How do you envisage Schiphol in the year 2050?

Published on: 12 May 2017

This was the question the Amsterdam Museum asked in its ‘100 Years of Schiphol – Ready for Departure?’ exhibition. A whopping 1,600 submissions later, four top prize winners were selected, who were presented with their prizes on Sunday 7 May. The winning prediction? ‘Schiphol will be underground, too, and everyone will have their own mini plane, or a flying car.’

The winners

Shayan was awarded first prize for the aforementioned prediction. He won plane tickets for an all-expenses-covered family holiday at Ibiza, courtesy of Corendon. Unfortunately, the family will not make the trip with a regular plane rather than a flying car, but Shayan’s jaw still dropped when he was told. ‘This is my dream come true!’

Second prize was awarded to Madeline. ‘By 2050, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will no longer have planes, but rather teleportation gates, and instead of trams it will have some sort of underground trains that go into a tube where they travel as fast as the speed of light’. She and her family will spend a night at the famous 737 Cockpit Suite at Amsterdam’s Corendon Vitaly Hotel.

Third prize was shared by two winners, Timo and Tim, who both predicted that Schiphol’s future will involve rocket planes that take off vertically. They and their families won a sightseeing flight over the airport, offered by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

A random selection from the submissions

If it is up to the entrants, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will become one of the most environmentally friendly airports in the world. Children shared their visions of robots, and many of them expressed a hope that there will be new opportunities to play at the airport. Some envisage a petting zoo at Schiphol, others a large playground or a swimming pool, or a slide from the check-in desks to the aircrafts.

In addition, several exhibition attendees are convinced that by 2050, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will not just be taking people to every destination on earth, but even to the moon and beyond. Into space!

‘100 Years of Schiphol’ exhibition competition

The competition was part of the ‘100 Years of Schiphol – Ready for Departure?’ exhibition held at the Amsterdam Museum. The prizes were awarded on Sunday 7 May, at the exhibition’s closing ceremony. André van den Berg, Schiphol’s Chief Commercial Officer, was on hand to present the prizes.