News: From skate parks to somersaults – the Schiphol Fund lends a helping hand!

What do a wheelchair-friendly skatepark, a racerunner and equipment to help young divers practice somersaults in the pool all have in common? They were all made possible thanks to the Schiphol Fund. On Friday 26th March, donations were handed out to sports clubs and initiatives dedicated to sports and exercise in the local area around Schiphol.

Published on: 31 March 2021

Skating in Muiden

Last year, three young skaters from Muiden decided they wanted to open a skate park. With help from the municipality, crowdfunding and a Schiphol Fund donation, their dream seems to be turning into reality! The skate park will be for everyone, young and old. The plans even include a special wheelchair route, with low slopes and small ramps that are safe for wheelchairs users and beginner skaters.

Diving in Amsterdam

Members of De Dolfijn swimming club in Amsterdam love diving from the highest boards. But how can young divers learn how to do somersaults, twists and turns safely? Ideally, with the help of special equipment including air squares, miniblower airtracks, somersault practice belts, frames, resistance bands and suspension systems. Thanks to a donation from the Schiphol Fund, De Dolfijn can now buy all of this. Good luck with the acrobatics!

Making exercise accessible to all in Amstelveen

Everyone benefits from exercise, and so everyone should have the chance to do it. At Startbaan athletics club in Amstelveen, persons with reduced mobility are now able to go around the racing track with a racerunner. This three-wheeled balance bike makes exercise possible for people with walking or running difficulties. As you can see in the video below, Startbaan isn’t the only athletics club to have received a racerunner thanks to the Schiphol Fund.

Would you like to apply too?

Would you like to request a sailboat for your Scout group, or a beach volleyball field or panna cage for your neighbourhood? Then check whether your sports-related initiative is eligible for a donation. Who knows, maybe the Schiphol Fund can put a smile on your face next. For more information and to apply, go to