News: Changes to runway maintenance plans

Planned runway maintenance for this coming autumn has been changed due to works on a taxiway to Aalsmeerbaan Runway will take longer than originally scheduled. Therefore, works on the Polderbaan Runway will commence 2 weeks earlier than originally planned, in order to prevent runway maintenance from taking place during the autumn holidays. Maintenance on the Aalsmeerbaan Runway will be postponed by 1 week compared to the original schedule.

Published on: 31 July 2019

Divergent runway use

Runways are not available to air traffic during maintenance, which means that other runways will often need to be used instead for take-offs and landings. You can see which runways will be used during each maintenance period below.

  • Kaagbaan Runway maintenance: 1 - 15 September
    The Kaagbaan Runway will not be in use from Sunday, 1 September at 23:00 until Sunday 15 September at 23:00. We expect more air traffic from a southerly direction on the Zwanenburgbaan and Aalsmeerbaan runways. The Buitenveldertbaan Runway will also be used more often.

  • Polderbaan Runway maintenance: 23 - 29 September
    The Polderbaan Runway will not be used from Monday 23 September at 06:00 until Sunday 29 September at 17:00. Traffic will increase on Buitenveldertbaan Runway during the maintenance, and Zwanenburgbaan Runway will mainly be used for air traffic in a northerly direction.

  • Aalsmeerbaan Runway maintenance: 29 September - 13 October
    The Aalsmeerbaan Runway will be maintained from Sunday 29 September at 23:00 until Sunday 13 October at 17:00. As a result, more aircraft will be taking off and landing on the Buitenveldertbaan Runway, and Zwanenburgbaan will be used in a southerly direction.

  • Schiphol-Oostbaan Runway maintenance: 27 October - 8 November
    The Schiphol-Oostbaan will not be in use from Sunday, October 27 at 23:00 until Friday, November 8 at 23:00. Its maintenance will have relatively little consequence for international air traffic; only small aircraft will be allocated to the Buitenveldertbaan Runway.

What Schiphol will do to limit noise disturbance

Schiphol will carry out runway maintenance as quickly as possible, combined with other works on and around the runways, in order to limit inconvenience. This will be carried out simultaneously where possible, so that the runway is only out of use for a short time. We will also account for extra-busy periods in our plans, such as the summer and autumn holidays, so that runways are available as much possible.

For more information

Please visit if you have any questions, comments, or reports to make about runway maintenance. If you are looking for information about noise disturbances, flight routes and runway use, please visit Schiphol as a neighbour.