News: Amsterdam and Schiphol help 750 people find work

People who have some difficulty finding a job may soon be able to come to Schiphol. Schiphol and more than 40 airport employers are joining forces with Gemeente Amsterdam (Amsterdam Town Hall) to help 750 people with limited job prospects in the labour market to find work.

Published on: 4 February 2020

For job-seeking residents from around Schiphol

The work search mainly involves people who have been unemployed for the long-term, and who may need some extra help to find suitable work. That may include people who are over 50, with a migrant background or workplace disability, for example. The Werkgevers Servicepunt Groot-Amsterdam (Employers Service Point for Greater Amsterdam) and the Schiphol Aviation Community will then provide that extra support they need. If you live in Amsterdam or the surrounding municipalities and have been looking for a job for some time, this job plan may be of benefit to you. It mainly concerns roles for people with a practical education, in areas such as cleaning, retail, hospitality, security and logistics.

Extra help and support

Rutger Groot Wassink is an alderman for Work in Amsterdam’s employment plans. Rutger said: "People who are unable to find a job for some reason over a longer period of time deserve extra help and support, and employers are an important partner in making this happen. We already had the Amsterdam Werkbrigade, where people could move on to regular work after subsidised work after 2 years, as well as the 1,000 jobs programme in Southeast. This collaboration is another great contribution to the earlier promise of helping many more people find work in the coming years”.

A lot of work at Schiphol

Dick Benschop emphasises how much employment there is at Schiphol. Dick said: "All companies at and around the airport make Schiphol one of the largest labour markets in the Netherlands. It’s a place for people with different educational levels and backgrounds. Everyone who can and would like to work is welcome at Schiphol, as well as people with limited job prospects. We will ensure that they receive the right support, together with Amsterdam”.