More and more electric taxis

All passenger cars that depart from the official Schiphol stands are electric. Almost half of the vans that you find here are electric and the rest run on biogas. They are a sustainable alternative to travelling to and from Schiphol by car (and we realise that travelling by car can sometimes be convenient). You’ll see the official taxi stands as soon as you walk out of the Schiphol terminal.

In 2014, Schiphol became the first airport in the world to have an electric taxi fleet. And the number of electric vehicles increases each year. There are now almost 700 electric passenger cars and more than 100 electric vans. Because it’s not only the official Schiphol taxis that need to comply with sustainability requirements; these also apply to the other taxi companies that operate from the official Schiphol stands. As a result, Schiphol is the airport with the largest fleet of electric taxis. Electric taxis do not produce any CO₂, ultrafine particle and nitrogen emissions. This leads to better air quality and helps to slow down global warming.