Our Wayfinding API explored: Help travellers find their way

Schiphol’s Wayfinding (SWF) API offers relevant information on routes and POIs at the airport, for travellers, airlines, floor managers and other staff. The API makes it possible for developers to help people find their way at the airport and optimise their time in the terminal.

Our wayfind api explored

Finding the best route from A to B

Wayfinding is all about going from point A to point B. For an airport, this means that travellers may be looking for the fastest route to their gate, where the nearest toilets are or that specific shop, restaurant or other point of interest (POI).

Schiphol’s indoor Wayfinding API is connected to the Schiphol Asset Management Database. This ensures that maps using data from this API, are always complete and up-to-date.

The Wayfinding API consists of three individual geospatial services:

  • POIs – Point of Interest at Schiphol, including shops, sanitary facilities, restaurants, stairs, elevators and much more.
  • Routes – Wayfinding functionality for all possible routes at Schiphol.
  • Basemap – An airport reference layer on which users can plot POIs and routes between them.

How to make the most of this API

The Wayfinding API can be used in combination with, for instance, the Flight API. It can add value to the travellers’ journey by making them find their way around the airport quickly and easily. We invite developers to use their imagination and combine this API with other APIs and to come up with innovative products.

  • Relevant POIs

    Display relevant POIs at Schiphol on a map, any way you want it.

  • Optimise airport experience

    Increase the airport experience, by helping people find their way and optimise their experience in the terminal.

  • Complete wayfinding data

    Offer complete routes between the various POIs, including approximate walking times.

  • Need technical assistance?

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  • Commercially interested?

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