Our Operational Flight API explored: Add value to airport processes

Schiphol’s flight information offers a wealth of information on current and scheduled flights to and from the airport. The Operational Flight API makes part of this information available to developers.

Our Operational Flight API explored

Key to successfully operate an airport

Operational flight information and data is key to successfully operate an airport. It can add value to the travellers’ journey and the processes of airlines, ground handling agents and other stakeholders.

The Operational Flight API makes this operational flight data available in a controlled and standardised way, to all parties involved.
This well-defined Application Programmer’s Interface, relieves developers from having to pre-specify their data needs and opens up opportunities for new ways of working.

Airlines and ground handlers feed the Central Information System Schiphol (CISS) with lots of data. Part of this information is now available for developers via Rest API Flight Information. Our Flight API offers flight information from passenger flights and cargo flights. Both scheduled and chartered.

How to make the most of this API

The Operational Flight API can be used to add value to the travellers’ journey and various operational airport processes. We invite developers to use their imagination and combine this API with other APIs and to come up with innovative products.

  • Ideal for apps

    Easily use operational flight handling data in any app you want.

  • Adequate flight handing

    Don’t be surprised by flight changes, always handle them fast and adequately

  • All flight types

    Track all flight types, both passenger and cargo flights and both scheduled and chartered.

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  • Commercially interested?

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