Our Beacon Registry API explored: Crowd control becomes a service

Schiphol’s Beacon Registry API provides details about the many crowd control beacons hanging all over the terminal buildings. Developers can use this data to develop near-location based services or fingerprint services.

Our beacon registry api explored

Help travellers with location based services

The Beacon Registry API helps travellers to flow through the terminal more easily. For this, Schiphol installed over 2000 beacons in the terminal. Combined with other API’s it can be used for location based services such as indoor wayfinding or proximity services.

The Beacon Registry API offers the following data:

  • Latitude and longitude per beacon.
  • UID per beacon.
  • Area name where the beacon is located.
  • Landside or airside locator.
  • Floor level of beacon (Z-index).

How to make the most of this API

With the Beacon Registry API, you have a strong tool at hand to develop easy-to-use location-based mobile services, offers and messages/notifications. We invite developers to use their imagination and combine this API with other APIs and to come up with innovative products.

  • Extra services

    Identify potential, relevant points of contact in the traveller journey to deliver extra services.

  • Relevant offers

    Create relevant and personal offers based on the traveller’s location and nearby point of interest.

  • Improved experiences and sales

    Enrich the traveller’s experience at Schiphol and increase sales through your own digital channels.

  • Need technical assistance?

    Our special API support team is there to help you, 24/7. You can contact us through number +31 20 601 44 45.

  • Commercially interested?

    Meet our business developers. They are happy to help you to develop value propositions and to create value with our APIs.