Aviation Solutions at Passenger Terminal Expo 2023

We’re excited to announce that Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions will be hosting a booth at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE). You will be able attend live demo’s and interact with various products available for your airport. Here’s a short overview which products you can expect to see or hear about.

Deep Turnaround – using AI to improve and strengthen collaboration and improve turnaround predictability

Attend a demonstration of Deep Turnaround at the booth. Also, Jeffrey Schäfer, Process Owner Aircraft Turnaround at Schiphol, will be speaking about how The aircraft turnaround process used to be a black box but is now opened by implementing Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and unpacked further by using a self-developed deep-learning solution called Deep Turnaround. It leverages computer vision technology to translate camera images from over 30 sub-processes, such as refuelling, pushback and catering, into data that is used to identify and predict causes of delays. Deep Turnaround enables Schiphol, in collaboration with handling agents, airlines and ATC, to improve predictability and on-time performance of the turnaround process.

Airport Inspector: AI technology is disrupting airport asset management at Schiphol

At Schiphol, we assess the state of our assets, like a runway or apron, through visual inspections forcing us to work late shift to minimise the impact on airport operations. In addition, one might question how reliable the human eye really is. Shouldn’t we look for ways to capture more value from this activity? Nijs Koorevaar will present at PTE to demonstrate the future of AI in airport asset management, available for your airport.

Self-Service Unit – The digital colleague that provides flight info, wayfinding and personal assistance.

You will be able to interact with Self-Service Unit, which is used by airports to help answer any questions passenger have. You can also check your own flight status on the day you leave from PTE to determine what time you need to leave the expo.

Position Assignment System: The addition for your security lane to optimise throughput

A high throughput of security lanes is crucial to process all passengers. But, often this throughput isn’t as high as airports want it to be. Passengers can be slow, not sure where to go or what to do, increasing the waiting times and lowering the throughput. We introduce a smart wayfinding system, guiding passengers to the ‘quickest’ available lane and divest position. Working around the clock. Visit the booth to discover how we guide passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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