Increasing the lifespan of your aircraft pavements while reducing outages: AIrport Inspector

Leveraging Laser and AI technology AIrport Inspector can efficiently deliver the highest quality digital inspection on 100% of aircraft pavements

Unique technology for airports

We are the first to enable you to create the optimal maintenance plan by delivering insight on damage development from creation till replacement of all your aircraft pavements. This leads to 2-10% lower CAPEX investments per year.

Improves decision making

Being able to access and drill down from PCI score to individual damages, whenever and wherever, leads to better decision making in discussions with the stakeholders and greatly improves the mood of your experts.

Benefit from the expertise of other airports

All users of AIrport Inspector will benefit from last mile expert identification of the most complex damages on other airports and the development of new use cases on the AIrport Inspector platform

Before and After

SWIC’s LCMS2 data collection method combined with Mavisoft’s pixel AI technology delivers automatic damage detection of aircraft pavements.

Making the most important decisions about your scarcest and most expensive assets based on incomplete information

  1. Aircraft pavements are one of the scarcest and most expensive resources on every airport. The inspections that determine the compliancy to safety standards, maintenance works and remaining service life are often done visually by an inspector, and for concrete always in the field. This way of work leads to subjectivity, lacks insight in damage development and results in a high inspection cost per square meter
  2. Concrete pavements have not benefitted from the big advances in digital inspection techniques and computer vision that are disrupting the inspections of the asphalt of the run- and taxiways worldwide
  3. Making the most important decision based on incomplete information leads to unnecessary aircraft stand, run- and taxiway shortages while having higher total cost of ownership.

Automatically detect all aircraft pavement damages and have access to complete information.

SWIC’s LCMS2 data collection method combined with Mavisoft’s pixel AI technology brings automatic damage detection all aircraft pavements. This enable you to integrate the PCI and maintenance in one 100% inspection, instead of two separate sample-based or a certain percentage worst performing assets way of working.


LCMS2 inspection on site


Damage detection and classification in AIrport Inspector platform including PCI determination


Usage of latest and historic inspection results by your experts in their preferred platform (GIS layer, Paver or the Mavisoft platform)

AIrport Inspector is developed through collaboration:

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