Schiphol’s expected runway usage: Runway usage forecast

The way that Schiphol uses runways has a major impact on the environment. That’s why we endeavour to provide clarity about the agreements made and what residents in the area can expect. The usage forecast report lays out runway usage for the year. The usage forecast evaluation is a comparison between predictions and the actual runway use. All reports that you see below have been evaluated by and discussed within the Omgevingsraad Schiphol (Schiphol Environmental Council, or ORS).

Please consult the reading guide (in Dutch only) for further explanations about the usage forecast and how it is evaluated.

Read the usage forecast

We plan for uninterrupted conditions when creating the usage forecast report, without factoring in things such as weather conditions or runway maintenance. The forecast report explains how we will adhere to the rules and agreements about flight movements, noise, emissions and external safety in the year that follows its publication. The predictions are made based on data and evaluations from previous years.

Please note that all documents are only available in Dutch.