Did you know…fact sheets: Fun facts in a fact sheet

Are you hungry for more information about what is happening on and around Schiphol Airport? Then you will find even more fun facts and background information in the factsheets below. We have made small 'booklets' for various themes. You download these factsheets as pdf and can read them where and when it suits you.

Key figures Schiphol 2018

Schiphol's key figures about 2018 at a glance.

Snow at Schiphol

Of the 475 staff working in snow squads, around 235 are employed directly by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and a further 240 are hired professionals. Around 100 of the 235 Schiphol employees work on ‘airside’ every day. The other 135 Schiphol staff working in snow operations are known as ‘polar bears’.

From Airfield to AirportCity

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is more than just an airport. It’s actually a modern city with runways. It is also an international hub offering numerous facilities to both people and goods. This is what makes Amsterdam Airport Schiphol an AirportCity. A city where everyone is welcome, but where no-one lives. It is a city that never sleeps.

Who does what at Schiphol

Airlines, handling companies, shops, restaurants, banks, transport companies, fuel suppliers and air traffic controllers: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is home to approximately 500 companies and around 65,000 people. All these companies play a part in making the airport safe and efficient. But who does what exactly at Schiphol?

Bird Control at Schiphol

Schiphol is located in a polder with plenty of water, grassy meadows, rich arable areas and other nature reserves. It makes Schiphol particularly attractive to birds. This, however, poses a risk to aircrafts. In order to keep air traffic safety as optimal as possible, Schiphol deploys 18 'Bird Controllers' to chase the birds, 24 hours a day.

Cargo and aviation

There are no more than a handful of airports in the world of aviation, which successfully handle both passengers and cargo. In 2017, 1,752,498 tonnes of cargo were transported via Schiphol. With this, the airport retains its third place in Europe, making it one of the leading European cargo airports.

Baggage at Schiphol

Each year, Schiphol handles approximately 50 million items of baggage. This varies from around 120,000 items on a slow day, to 180,000 a day during extremely busy periods, such as the start of the summer holiday season. Almost 40 percent of these items are transfer baggage.

Art at Schiphol before security

Art has a special meaning at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We want to lift people’s spirit and the art should embellish, entertain and surprise. What makes it unique is that most of the works, around sixty of them, are on display in public spaces. Here they can be seen by passengers, visitors and employees.

Art at Schiphol beyond security

Art has a special meaning at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We want to lift people’s spirit and the art should embellish, entertain and surprise. Artworks are also on display in the areas beyond security control, in the departure lounges and piers. Here, passengers can admire the Schiphol collection, as well as visit an annex of the Rijksmuseum.