News: Video: back in time with the KLM Boeing 747

After having transported passengers all over the world for almost 50 years, we have now said our final goodbyes to the last KLM Boeing 747-400 passenger airplanes. On Sunday 26th October 2020, the last ‘Queen of the Skies’ landed at Schiphol. KLM’s first ever jumbo jet – the Boeing 747-200 Mississippi (PH-BUA) - landed at Schiphol in the winter of 1971.

Published on: 11 November 2020

The first 747

The ‘Mississippi’ was Boeing’s first 747-200 and the first widebody for KLM. The jumbo jet could accommodate 353 passengers and had its own bar on the top deck. On 15th February 1972, the aircraft flew to New York for the first time. Since 1971, KLM has had an impressive 46 airplanes belonging to the 747 family in its fleet. KLM’s first Boeing 747-400, the ‘City of Atlanta’ (PH-BFA), landed at Schiphol on 19th May 1989.

The last 747

KLM’s last 747s were the Combis, which could transport cargo as well as passengers. These planes could carry up to 268 people, but also had space for large packages and even horses and elephants. The last three 747-400 Combis had an important task in transporting (medical) supplies from China during the coronavirus crisis. The very last flight was made by the ‘City of Shanghai’ (PH-BFW). Actually, you can still see Boeing 747s flying in the KLM colours; Martinair Cargo has three 747 cargo planes adorned with the KLM Cargo design.

Watch the KLM Boeing 747 video here: