News: Spotters show us their best Schiphol photos

Twelve plane spotters who can often be found at Schiphol are displaying their best airplane photos in a new pop-up exhibition called 'Spotters in the Spotlight'. As of today, the photos can be admired on the airport's E-pier. Travellers can now look through the lens of aviation's biggest fans.

Published on: 12 April 2021

Come rain or shine

Breuno, Martin, nustyR, Andres, Ramon, Mark, Mike, Dennis, Ralph, Michel, Ton and Frank have a shared passion. They come to the spotter locations around Schiphol at the crack of dawn and come rain or shine to perfectly capture magical moments with their cameras. Their love of aviation is clear to see in the photos.

Personal stories

And did you know that many of the pictures have a personal story to tell? The 71-year-old Ton always comes by bicycle from Zandvoort. 'I always hope for special conditions. A dramatic sky, a wet runway, lots of water splashes or a low-lying sun shining into the engines. That’s when you take the most exciting photos.’ Ramon (31 years old from De Kwakel) is always discovering something new: ‘I have been spotting for years and Schiphol still fascinates me. I see new combinations of aircraft and colours every time. Fantastic.’


The intention of this pop-up exhibition on the E-pier is to inspire travellers. The spotters' photos portray how they experience the airport and aircraft, and how this connects them with Schiphol. The exhibition can be enjoyed up until the end of June. You can also see the photos online – keep an eye on our social media by following Schiphol on Facebook and Instagram.