News: Share your opinion on the temporary regulation

In 2024, we'll again be carrying out maintenance on our runways. During these periods of works, air traffic will make use of other runways. In particular, the major maintenance on the Kaagbaan Runway will have an impact on air traffic. That's why the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management (I&W) is preparing a special temporary arrangement. And you can share your opinion on it.

Published on: 21 December 2023

The Kaagbaan will be undergoing major maintenance from 19 February until the end of April 2024. The other runways are also getting annual maintenance throughout the year. Because we have to temporarily deploy other runways to handle air traffic during these periods of works, we've asked the Ministry of I&W for an exemption.

A temporary regulation is being drafted in which several matters will be laid down by law. During the maintenance periods there will be modified noise nuisance limits at the enforcement points, other preferred runway combinations will be designated and there'll be an exemption for the deployment of other runways during the night.

Share your opinion

The Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management is holding a so-called internet consultation in order to give everyone the chance to voice their opinion. Want to share your thoughts? It's possible on this website (Dutch language) until 16 January 2024. You can find more information about runway maintenance at Schiphol here. For questions about runway maintenance, you can get in touch with the Local Community Contact Centre (BAS).