News: A look ahead at air traffic 22 – 28 February

In the week of 22 to 28 February, we expect an average of slightly more than 400 flights each day. The maintenance work being done on the Polderbaan Runway has resumed after a week of harsh wintery weather. This maintenance will continue until at least until the end of April. This will generally result in the Zwanenburgbaan Runway being used more frequently (instead of the Polderbaan) during the day and at night.

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Published on: 19 February 2021

Increased use of Zwanenburgbaan and Buitenveldertbaan runways

While the Polderbaan Runway is unavailable due to maintenance works, the Zwanenburgbaan Runway will be deployed as the main runway whenever possible. In the event of a north-easterly wind, the Buitenveldertbaan Runway may be used as the main runway for take-off. This is because of works being carried out around the southern section of the Zwanenburgbaan Runway. The Buitenveldertbaan may also be used as a secondary runway for both take-off and landing at peak times.

Expected peak times

In the week of 22 – 28 February, we expect the following daily peaks on an average day:

- Between 09:20 and 11:00 in the morning
- Between 20:20 and 21:20 in the evening

- Between 07:20 and 08:40 in the morning
- Between 18:40 and 20:00 in the evening

A look back at 8 – 14 February

Schiphol saw an average of 387 flights per day in week 6 of 2021. That was in line with our prediction of around 400 flights. The majority of these flights took off from or landed on the Kaagbaan Runway and Zwanenburgbaan Runway. There was a take-off peak on six mornings and on two days these were followed by a landing peak. There was also a brief morning and evening take-off peak on Friday and Sunday, and two brief evening landing peaks during the weekend.

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