Schiphol Safety Training Centre: Work safely

If you work at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or at any other airport, it's important that you are adequately informed of airport safety in your specific area of operations. The training courses of the Schiphol Safety Training Centre (VTC Schiphol) result in the right certification for carrying out your work properly.

Working safely on airside

Do you work on and around the piers and runways? If so, check that you have the required documents.

Crisis Management at Schiphol

Make sure you know what to do and how to direct others in case of an emergency or crisis situation.

Company emergency response

Provide adequate first help if an accident takes place, a fire breaks out or someone becomes unwell.

Fire Service

Acquire specialist knowledge and skills that will allow you and your corps to deal with aviation incidents more effectively.

Tailored training courses

Do you see an opportunity to improve safety in your work area, but are you unable to find a suitable training course? In that case, we would be happy to work with you in developing a training course that is perfectly tailored to your situation. Call 020 601 2338 or send an email to to discuss our tailored training options with us.