Schiphol-East access policy to be tightened 1 June

As of 1 June, the access policy for Schiphol-East will be tightened. You will only be granted access to the area behind Checkpoint 2 with a Schiphol Pass that has a 'black dot' or with a crew pass. Other passes, such as KLM, Transavia or parking passes, will no longer allow you to enter this area starting 1 June.

Check you have the right pass for Schiphol-East

If you work at Schiphol-East and do not yet have the right pass, make sure that you request a new one as soon as possible. Get in touch with your manager to arrange this and be aware that the process may take some time.
The passes that allow access to Schiphol-East are:

  • Orange, blue or green Schiphol passes with a 'black dot'
  • Grey Schiphol passes with a 'black dot'
  • KLM, Transavia, Martinair and TUI crew member passes

Visitor access

In the event you do not have the correct access pass, you will only be granted access to Schiphol-East with a Visitor Pass. Someone authorised for the eVesta pass system needs to apply for that pass for you.

Why the stricter policy?

This stricter policy is one of the ways we are tackling subversion. Criminals sometimes try and make use of the efficient infrastructure at the airport and so we are creating barriers to that in various ways. Want to know more? Take a look at

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