Free public transport at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - Travel with JAS on your OV-card

Several companies at Schiphol offer their staff free public transport at the airport. In order to be eligible, you will need a valid public transport (OV) chip card and an approved company pass from an affiliated organisation. You can load your Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS) onto your OV chip card yourself at one of the special loading points.

Bus transport at Schiphol

How to use JAS with your OV chip card

In order to travel free of charge within the Schiphol area, you need a personal OV chip card onto which you have loaded a JAS at one of the loading points. After this, simply check in and out as you would with a normal OV chip card. The JAS discount will be deducted automatically. NB: in order to check in, you need a positive balance on your OV chip card. In addition, you must always be able to show your Schiphol Pass or staff pass during checks.

Are you eligible for a JAS?
Where can you load a JAS onto your OV chip card?

No JAS, but still an annual subscription

What if your organisation is based at Schiphol, but your staff pass is not valid in combination with JAS? If so, you can request a Sternet public bus service Pass from the Transport Coordination Centre (VCC).