Important information for suppliers: Participating in a tender

As a special sector company, Royal Schiphol Group (and its Dutch affiliates) is bound by the Dutch Public Procurement Act 2012 (Aanbestedingswet 2012) in the areas of employment, services, and supplies. Engagements that exceed the applicable European threshold value are awarded through European tender procedures.


Engagements that fall outside the scope of Royal Schiphol Group's relevant activity also fall outside the scope of the Public Procurement Act 2012. The Schiphol Group's relevant activity is defined as follows: "providing airport docking facilities for air transport".

When appropriate, Royal Schiphol Group subjects its engagements to the Dutch Tendering Regulations Utilities Sector 2016 (Aanbestedingsreglement Nutssectoren 2016 or ARN 2013). If an engagement is subject the ARN 2016, that fact is stated in the tender documentation. Please refer to the Tender Regulations below.

Prior to initiating a tender procedure (European or otherwise), Royal Schiphol Group, may, if it considers such necessary, conduct a market survey in the form of (for example) a market consultation in order to test ideas, innovations, prerequisites, market knowledge, the technical state of the art, and the feasibility of the engagement.

Royal Schiphol Group’s European tenders and market consultations can be found on

Tender Regulations

If a tender procedure will be carried out pursuant to a set of tendering regulations, that fact will be stated either in the announcement or notification, or in the invitation to participate in the tender procedure.

Supplier Code

Royal Schiphol Group operates based on respect for people, the environment, and their surroundings. Our success in this endeavour depends wholly on close cooperation with our suppliers. This code explains what Schiphol Group expects from suppliers in terms of integrity and corporate responsibility.

Complaints Desk

For more information about submitting a complaint or objection, please refer to the Complaints Desk. You can submit your complaint or objection via