Our partnerships: Sustainability is for everyone

As operator of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport we have a coordinating role. Our own activities are steered through direct management and control. This includes our own energy consumption and that of our tenants, the reuse of materials, sustainable construction, the use of bio-based materials and our employees' commuter traffic.

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More indirectly, we encourage parties operating at the airport to make their activities sustainable, using our business operations as an example. We also influence other partners to focus on the sustainable development of Schiphol. Examples include the aircraft landing and take-off cycle and traffic (cargo and passengers) to and from the airport. In addition, we encourage our visitors and travellers to do their part.

Below you can read more about the partners with whom we are working towards a sustainable future and the associated collaborative ventures.

Partners in – and agreements on – sustainability

In order to achieve our sustainable goals, we likewise keep various national and international agreements and objectives.

Single European Sky

As a part of the European Single European Sky (SES) initiative, we participate in efforts to modernise the European air traffic control system. The Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme aims to increase and optimise airspace capacity. It also involves significantly improving the efficiency of many processes. Airspace optimisation means shortening flight routes and lowering fuel consumption in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

The SES programme is erasing national borders in the sky and the boundaries between civilian and military airspace. The result: a single European airspace. Together with our European partners we are actively seeking the accelerated implementation of Single European Sky.

Responsible use of energy

In order to make the entire aviation sector more climate-friendly, we work together with the following partners:

Circular economy

In order to become a zero waste airport, which means making smart use of raw materials and waste streams, we work together with the following partners:

Optimum mobility

To ensure the advancement of sustainable access to Schiphol, we work with the following partners:

Sustainable employment

To allow Schiphol to continue investing in sustainable employment, we work with the following partners:

Noise and air quality

In order to achieve a pleasant environment in which noise and air quality are two key objectives, we work with the following partners: