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EMTN Programme

The Euro Medium Term Note programme enables Royal Schiphol Group to borrow funds for longer periods.

ECP Programme

About the Euro Commercial Paper programme.

Loan facilities

Multiple facility agreements were signed with respectively the European Investment Bank and KfW IPEX-Bank in relation to various capital projects at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Royal Schiphol Group has two facility agreements with the European Investment Bank for a total of EUR 550 million, which have now been drawn in full (and which have since been partly repaid). These facilities are repaid in the years up to 2031. In addition, Schiphol Group entered into a new agreement with the European Investment Bank in for a total facility of EUR 350 million to finance the development of the new pier and terminal. As per 30 June 2019 no use has been made of this facility.

Schiphol Group also has an agreement with KfW IPEX-Bank for a facility of EUR 100 million until 2024, which is fully drawn. A second facility with KfW IPEX-Bank was entered into in 2019 under which EUR 95 million can be drawn.

Furthermore, Schiphol Group entered into a Namensschuldverschreibung for an amount of EUR 25 million which matures in 2023.

Current Credit Rating

Long term rating
Standard & Poor's: A+ stable outlook
Moody's: A1 stable outlook

Short term rating
Standard & Poor's: A-1