EMTN Programme: EMTN Programme

The Euro Medium Term Note programme enables Royal Schiphol Group to borrow funds for periods longer than one year in order to finance investments, redeem loans, finance dividend distributions and fund other types of general corporate expenditure.

Under this programme, Royal Schiphol Group regularly attracts additional resources from institutional parties through private placements of loans. In addition, Royal Schiphol Group occasionally issues public bond loans. These placements and issues, with terms of maturity ranging from more than one year to as much as 30 years, fall within the Euro Medium Term Note programme.

Royal Schiphol Group N.V. has mandated ING and NatWest Markets to explore the possibility of raising up to AUD 250mn senior, unsecured fixed rate with a maturity of 7-15 year to be issued off their EMTN programme or via other applicable documentation. The target market for the issue is eligible counterparties and professional clients only and is subject to market conditions. Royal Schiphol Group N.V. has a Long Term Rating of A1 (stable) by Moody’s and an Issuer Credit Rating of A+ (stable) by Standard & Poors.

The EMTN programme

The programme was set up in 1999. The programme enables Royal Schiphol Group to place bonds and private loans with professional investors via standard documentation. At present, the programme has an upper limit of EUR 3 billion.

Information on the structure of the current loan portfolio can be found in Royal Schiphol Group's Annual Report.

Further information on Royal Schiphol Group’s EMTN programme can be found in: