Contact us for your purchase and billing questions: Contact Procurement

Do you have questions about our purchase process, your purchase order or invoice? Contact us for all your Procurement questions. Below you will find the best way to get your specific question answered quickly. Please choose the right channel.

Contact Details

Questions? Please contact us.


Do you have questions about the procurement process?

For general information about the procurement process, tenders, or the Corporate Procurement Department, you can send an email to

Do you have questions about the purchase order?

The name of your contact person is stated on the top right-hand side of the purchase invoice. The purchase order was sent to you at that person’s request. Please contact that person for any substantive questions you may have about the engagement. Or check the FAQs about the procurement process first.

Do you have questions about payment of an invoice?

Please review our FAQs for questions about invoice payment or the requirements an invoice must meet. If you do not find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the procurement process, please contact the Accounting House Department via

Do you have a complaint, or would you like to submit an objection?

For more information about submitting a complaint or objection, please refer to Klachtenmeldpunt. You can submit your complaint or objection via

To which email address do I send my digital invoices?

You can always send your digital invoice, in PDF format, to If you want to send an invoice electronically (for example, in the form of an XML notification), arrangements for this will need to be made in advance. Please contact our credit department via