The purchase and invoicing process: Purchase order

You must have a valid purchase order in order to supply goods, services, and/or works to Schiphol Group. This purchase order contains a description of the goods, services, and/or works to be supplied, the quantity and price, the delivery date, and the applicable terms and conditions. A purchase order constitutes the award of an engagement by Schiphol Group. Please note that unless you have a purchase order, your engagement has not yet been formally confirmed and you cannot begin performing the work.

You will also need the purchase order number to be able to invoice us. Invoices that do not include a purchase order number will not be paid. In addition, unless expressly agreed otherwise, invoices may be sent only after a full or partial delivery has been made and this delivery has been approved.

It is important to state all relevant information on your invoice, as that will enable us to ensure that it is paid in a timely fashion. Schiphol Group imposes several conditions on sending invoices digitally, which are explaind in the FAQs below.

Did you know that…

You can also invoice Schiphol Group digitally? From now one, you can send your invoices, in PDF format, to the following e-mail address: Receiving your invoices digitally enables us to process them more quickly and contact you regarding any defects identified.

I want to send Royal Schiphol Group an invoice, but I have not received a purchase order number for the delivery in question. Who should I consult about this?

The designated person to handle this matter is your contact person within Royal Schiphol Group, who commissioned the delivery of goods/services/works from you.

When will I receive my purchase order?

After Schiphol Group has accepted your quotation and – if necessary – after an agreement has been reached.

How will I receive my purchase order?

The purchase order will be approved digitally. This means that purchase orders no longer include a signature. One or more attorney(s)-in-fact, who are authorised to enter into purchase agreements on behalf of Royal Schiphol Group, will issue this digital approval. Their name(s) will be listed on the purchase order. You will subsequently receive an email from, which will include the purchase order as a PDF attachment.

When should I send my invoice?

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, you may send an invoice only after delivery (or partial delivery) has taken place and after this delivery has been approved.

What guidelines must the (digital) invoice I send to Royal Schiphol Group satisfy?

In order for us to process your invoice and payment in a timely manner, the invoice must contain all relevant information.

  • Dutch Tax Authorities require that you include a number of basic details on your invoice. Please consult their website for more information.

In addition, the following guidelines apply for invoices directed to Royal Schiphol Group specifically:

  • All invoices must include a purchase order number or (in consultation) a cost centre number.

  • The invoice must be addressed to:

Schiphol Nederland B.V.
P.O. Box 7501

  • You may submit your invoices by email ( or by post. When we receive your invoice in digital form, we are able to begin processing, and respond to any errors we find, more quickly.

  • If you are submitting your invoice by email, make sure that you include each invoice as a separate PDF file. This means that a single PDF should include only one invoice, including attachments.

In addition, you must send a separate email containing your invoice(s) to each business unit of Royal Schiphol Group involved. The business units can be distinguished by the first digit of the purchase order number or cost centre number (i.e. 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, etc.).

  • Your bank account information must be stated on your invoice. If you use a foreign bank, be sure to list both the name of the bank and the branch office.

  • In the event that WKA/WIA legislation applies, you should state this on your invoice as well, including the WKA percentage and G account number. Need more information on this subject? Go to the heading 'Additional' on the 'Documents and Terms and Conditions' page.

  • If the VAT levy is being transferred to Royal Schiphol Group, you will need to state this on your invoice as well.

Should you fail to comply with these guidelines, we will be unable to process your invoice and will be obligated to return the invoice to you. If we do, in order to avoid confusion, we kindly ask that you do not send us a credit note.

How can I submit my invoice to Royal Schiphol Group?

You can always send your digital invoice (in PDF form) to For more information on digital invoicing, please contact the Accounts Payable Department via Prefer to send your invoice by post? This is the invoicing address:

Schiphol Nederland B.V. ACCOUNTING HOUSE. LOCATION 99-99
P.O. Box 7501

When will my invoice be paid?

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, payment will be issued within 30 (thirty) days of the date of invoice and after approval of your invoice. The invoice will only be paid if it meets the requirements set by Schiphol in the Leidraad factureren aan Schiphol Group

What is the payment status of my invoice?

You should refer questions about payment status to the contact person who is listed on your purchase order, or send an email stating the purchase order number to the Accounting House Department via the email address

I have sent a written reminder to Royal Schiphol Group. Who should I contact about this matter?

Please refer questions about your reminder to

My personal details have changed. Whom should I inform?

Any changes in connection with your email or postal address and/or bank account information can be submitted to If the change involves the email address which you use to send digital invoices, please email your updated information to

How do I get a response to my email as soon as possible?

To speed up the processing of the e-mails, we ask you to mention one of these keywords in the subject of the e-mail as much as possible