The purchase and invoicing process

You must have a valid purchase order in order to supply goods, services, and/or works to Schiphol Group. This purchase order contains a description of the goods, services, and/or works to be supplied, the quantity and price, the delivery date, and the applicable terms and conditions. A purchase order constitutes the award of an engagement by Schiphol Group. Please note that unless you have a purchase order, your engagement has not yet been formally confirmed and you cannot begin performing the work.

You will also need the purchase order number to be able to invoice us. Invoices that do not include a purchase order number will not be paid. In addition, unless expressly agreed otherwise, invoices may be sent only after a full or partial delivery has been made and this delivery has been approved.

It is important to state all relevant information on your invoice, as that will enable us to ensure that it is paid in a timely fashion. Schiphol Group imposes several conditions on sending invoices digitally, which are explaind in the FAQs below.

Did you know that…

You can also invoice Schiphol Group digitally? From now one, you can send your invoices, in PDF format, to the following e-mail address: Receiving your invoices digitally enables us to process them more quickly and contact you regarding any defects identified.

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