Schiphol’s Strategy: Our role in the world, now and in the future

Everyone in the Netherlands knows Schiphol and our airport is held in high regard within the international aviation industry. In addition to its role as an employer and airport operator, Royal Schiphol Group has been an important aviation innovator for more than a century. Our airports are also an engine for the economy and that brings with it major responsibilities. Responsibility towards the employees of all the businesses at the airport, passengers, local residents and the environment. Our strategy shows how we fulfil our mission.

Connecting the Netherlands

Our mission is to ensure optimum links between the Netherlands and the rest of the world. By facilitating the transport of passengers and cargo by air, we are contributing to international trade, exchange of knowledge and tourism. In addition, we help people to forge and maintain social contacts, gain new experiences or relax in a different environment. This contributes to welfare and prosperity within and beyond our national borders.

Based on five strategic themes, we aim to work with our partners, government and other stakeholders to develop Schiphol into an efficient hub and attractive place to visit and work.

Europe’s Preferred Airport

The Netherlands is an extremely important market for Schiphol, but the national market is small. This is why we aim to be Europe’s Preferred Airport for departing, arriving and transfer passengers, airlines and logistics service providers.

We are developing Schiphol as an attractive business location and an ideal workplace for thousands of people. We also aim to gain a reputation among passengers for our smooth processes, the best service and an appealing range of shops, hotels and restaurants. Schiphol endeavours to offer all its users high quality at a reasonable price. All of this in the hope that visitors will choose to use Schiphol for their travel or transport next time too.

In the years ahead, we will continue to develop Royal Schiphol Group sustainably and responsibly. As we continue to perform and deliver quality on a daily basis, we are building on the airport of the future. All this in close collaboration with government, local communities, partners, passengers and other stakeholders.