Real time baggage insights with Deep Turnaround

When passengers arrive, they want to know where their bags are and how long it will take before it reaches the belt. Since Deep Turnaround is using AI to detect over 70 unique turnaround events, why not use this data to give them a better idea how long it will take?

Deep Turnaround is known for bringing predictability and insights to the aircraft turnaround process. Camera’s at the gate interprets what’s going on at and around the aircraft and translate this to over 70 unique turnaround events (see also ‘How it works’). This data is mostly used by operations, improving the turnaround performance and the on-time performance of an airport. But it’s now also used to improve the passenger journey at Schiphol by giving insights to passengers about the status of their baggage.

Piece of mind for passengers at Schiphol

Since a recent update to the Schiphol app, passengers are able to follow the steps their baggage goes through, all the way from being in the airplane to arriving on the reclaim belt. By providing these insights, passengers know exactly what is going on with their baggage. This gives them the opportunity to plan the next steps in their journey.

With the insights we get from the Deep Turnaround API, we can inform passengers even better during their journey. To provide them piece of mind. For example, we can now provide insight into the location and status of the baggage. It helps us to better predict what time the luggage will be expected on the belt. This helps the passengers plan their next part of their trip. It also allows them to enjoy a drink in one of the lounges, depending on when the baggage will arrive. Personally, it was really motivating to see how an idea quickly became a reality with the help from the Commercial Platform team.

Daniel Buijs – Corporate trainee at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

A wealth of turnaround data to use

Deep Turnaround provides a lot of data which is used for many use case to improve airport processes. The baggage insights is a new addition. The baggage updates based on Deep Turnaround data is already used in the Schiphol app and on the displays located at the reclaim belt. It can also be shown to the passengers on all social channels.

If you’re curious to also use Deep Turnaround at your airport, get in touch to set up a demo.

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