Rules for drones: Forbidden zones

Drones give you the chance to become your own pilot – and they make aviation dreams come to life for modern boys and girls. However, there are particular rules that should be followed to ensure that airspace remains safe for everyone.


It is forbidden to fly drones at or around Schiphol because they pose serious risk to air traffic. The areas in which you can fly are determined by the areas in which Air Traffic Control (Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland) operate and is not controlled by the airport.

Flying your drone

Generally, you can only fly your drone in Airspace Class G. This is the free part of the airspace. The rules are as follows:

  • You are prohibited to fly your drone higher than 120-metres above the ground or water
  • You must give way to other aircraft
  • You must fly at a safe distance from people and buildings.

You should also ensure that you can always see your drone. As such, it's forbidden to fly in the dark.