News: Less noise nuisance thanks to 'turn at Uitgeest' measure

Fewer aircraft flying over residential areas in Uitgeest at night has led to less noise nuisance in Uitgeest, Castricum, Heemskerk and Beverwijk. At the same time, there are planes flying closer to places like Krommenie and Assendelft. Those are the conclusions of an evaluation of the so-called 'turn at Uitgeest' measure. Keep on reading to find out more.

Published on: 4 June 2024

The turn at Uitgeest, one of the Minder Hinder programme's measures to reduce noise nuisance, was developed by Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) in the past few years in consultation with local residents, representatives from the Schiphol Administrative Region (BRS), the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, KLM and Schiphol. The measure, adopted in July 2022, stipulates that aircraft landing on the Polderbaan at night need to fly a particular curve. By doing so, they avoid residential areas in Uitgeest as much as possible and noise nuisance is reduced.


In order to be sure that implementing this measure really leads to less nuisance, we conducted an evaluation using four measuring posts in the area. These measuring posts register a passing aircraft only if it exceeds a certain noise level. The measuring post in Uitgeest registered more than 11 percent fewer overflying aircraft and the one in Castricum about 3 percent fewer. This does not mean that there were fewer flights, but rather that passing aircraft more frequently produce a lower noise level and are therefore no longer registered by the measuring post.

In Assendelft, a decrease of 2.8 percent was measured at one post, and an increase of more than 6 percent at another. At the same time, we did see a lower peak load per flight at the latter measuring post, as at the other posts. Combined with the fixed approach route to the Zwanenburgbaan Runway (where aircraft fly around Assendelft and Krommenie) that was introduced in 2021 and approaching at a higher altitude from the North Sea (since May 2020), the turn at Uitgeest contributes to a reduction in noise nuisance in the whole region.

Intended result comfortably achieved

When the turn was implemented, the aim was to have between 45 and 75 percent of the night flights in question follow this curved approach. The evaluation showed that we have comfortably achieved this intended result with 77 percent. However, we cannot allow all aircraft to make the turn because not every aircraft has the systems required to follow this route. Weather conditions also influence the approach route.

Minder Hinder programme

With the introduction of the turn at Uitgeest, another measure from the Minder Hinder noise-reduction programme has been implemented. In this programme, Schiphol and LVNL, with the support of the airlines, are committed to limiting noise nuisance caused by air traffic in the vicinity of the airport and thus improving the living environment for local residents. If you would like to know more about the programme, visit this website.