News: BAS receives more nuisance reports in 2022

Today, the Local Community Contact Centre (BAS) published their annual report for 2022. It reveals that more people reported air traffic-related nuisance to BAS in 2002 than in 2021. The number of aircraft movements in 2022 increased by 64% due to a decrease in travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19. The number of air traffic nuisance reporters was 38% higher, with BAS registering an increase from 7,645 (2021) to 10,520 (2022).

Published on: 14 March 2023

Increase in reports

Besides an increase in the number of reporters, the number of specific, time period and other reports also increased. The number of reports of perceived nuisance from a specific flight at a specific time (specific reports) increased to 76,137 in 2022 (in 2021 there were 60,618). Reports of nuisance experienced within a specific period increased to 88,336 (in 2021 there were 50,084) and reports of nuisance due to other reasons increased to 9,387 (in 3032 there were 4,833).

Noise nuisance reduction

Schiphol is working to improve the living environment around the airport. The BAS annual report provides important information for various parties, including the 'Minder Hinder' programme for noise nuisance reduction (LINK) with measures to improve the living environment around Schiphol. Schiphol will discuss the focus areas with BAS so that this can be followed up within the noise reduction programme.

Nuisance caused by older Boeing 747 planes

The report shows that BAS receives fewer reports about more modern aircraft, which are quieter. Schiphol gives airlines a financial incentive to use clean and quiet aircraft. Airlines now pay five times more to fly with the noisiest and dirtiest aircraft than to fly with the quietest and cleanest ones. Fees for landing and taking off at night have also risen. Depending on the type of aircraft, the rate can be up to 600% higher than the basic daytime rate.

Full report

You can read the full article and find an explanation of the entire annual report on the BAS website.