Your visitors pass: Employees

Sometimes, you need visitors to carry out your work, also in Schiphol's Security Restricted Areas, non-Security Restricted Areas and/or Secured Premises. In this case, you can apply for a Visitor Pass. How, what and when? Find out here.

Request pass

Your employer has access to the eVesta digital web portal and can apply for a Visitor Pass for you, during the opening hours of the Badge Centre. Submit your request as soon as possible, as this will allow sufficient time if the initial application is rejected.

Terms and conditions

To keep Schiphol safe and secure, strict rules apply to Visitor Passes, visitors and their escorts.

  • Your employer can only apply for a Visitor Pass for you if you have a valid, permanent Schiphol Pass for the Security Restricted Areas, non-Security Restricted Areas and/or Secured Premises.
  • Schiphol Group has the right to reject a request for a Visitor Pass without stating the reason for doing so.
  • Employees of embassies and consulates are not eligible for Visitor Passes.
  • Each escort is allowed to bring along a maximum of five visitors.
  • Visitors must never be allowed in the protected areas without supervision.
  • Visitors below the age of 15 are not eligible for a Visitor Pass.

Collecting and returning a Visitor Pass

The Central Distribution and Collection Point (CUIP) is closed. Visitor Passes can be collected from Checkpoint 60.

Outside opening hours, you can hand in Visitor Passes at Checkpoint 60. Visitor Passes which were collected from Checkpoints 3, 43, 60 or 90 must also be returned to the same checkpoints.

What do you need to bring with you?

When collecting Schiphol Visitor Passes, you must always bring your own Schiphol Pass with you. In addition, all visitors must carry a valid passport or valid national identity card, otherwise they will be refused entry. Please note: Schiphol does not accept driving licences as proof of identity.