Applying for or renewing a pass: Employers

As an employer, you are responsible for applying for and renewing Schiphol Passes for your employees. Find out how to do so quickly and easily.


Logging in, approving requests, making changes: the digital web portal eVesta makes it easy to apply for Schiphol Passes. All the authorised signatories of companies at Schiphol have access to this portal. In order to log in and sign, you will receive a ‘response code’ via your mobile phone.

Please note: the use of eVesta and the associated login codes is strictly person-specific.

Authorised signatory & eVesta assistant

As an employer, you can appoint an authorised signatory and eVesta assistant of your own choosing. Make sure that they have all the required authorisations for your employees. The eVesta assistant can only do preparatory work, such as preparing pass requests. The authorised signatory can sign off on requests.

Requests, registration and changes

Contact an employee of the Area & Access Control department via or call +31 20 601 3930 for the following matters:

  • registering or changing a company profile;
  • registering or changing an eVesta assistant;
  • registering or changing an authorised signatory;
  • information about the authorised signatory, eVesta assistant or company profile.

Tip: the details from the company profile are also in eVesta.

Do you need help?

The following links provide more information about applying for and renewing Schiphol Passes: