Parking spaces for disabled staff: Park close to work

Schiphol offers numerous disabled parking spaces for employees, spread out across the airport. Do you have a disabled parking card (GPK)? If so, you can park at P30, P40 and (sometimes) P12 in the spaces marked with an E06 sign. With temporary medical exemption, you can park in these car parks in several carpool zones.

Parking with disability card

Parking with a disabled parking card

The disabled parking spaces for employees are located in the carpool zones and ECO2 Parking zones at P12, P30 and P40. To use them, you will need a disabled parking card (GPK) and a parking permit for the car park in question. In the unlikely event that all the disabled parking spaces are occupied, you can park in a free space in ECO2. In this case, make sure that your disabled parking card is clearly visible behind your windscreen.

For P12, you will need special authorisation on your Schiphol Pass. This can be requested from the Badge Centre by your authorised signatory for eVesta.

Parking with temporary medical exemption

A temporary medical exemption allows you to park in the ECO2 zones at P30 and P40. If you have special authorisation on your Schiphol Pass or have a SKIDATA subscription card, you will also be able to use the spaces at P12. Here, the allocated spaces for staff with temporary medical exemption are in the section between the entrances and exits on the Evert van de Beekstraat side.

To be eligible for temporary medical exemption, you will need a declaration from your company doctor or occupational health doctor.


The rates for disabled parking spaces are the same as those for the other parking spaces in the car park in question. For rates and additional information, consult the page for the car park in question.