Information about permits at Schiphol

A permit is an official document granted by a competent authority or by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol allowing you to carry out certain work activities. The permit contains the arrangements and preconditions that any such work is subject to.

Why are permits needed?

Permits are needed to carry out work at Schiphol safely and in accordance with the law. In addition, the technical and other requirements that apply at the airport, as well as the continuity of its operations, are safeguarded through agreements reached with the relevant departments at Schiphol. These agreements are laid down in the permits issued by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Which permits are needed for your work activities?

Work activities carried out in the Schiphol security area are subject to the permits granted generally throughout the Netherlands as well as to those issued by Schiphol. There are around forty types of permits at Schiphol. Which of these permits is needed depends on the location and the nature of the work.

The appendix below contains an overview of all permits, when they are needed, and the periods of time that they cover. You can find more information about the application process on this page.