Which documents should you bring to the Badge Centre?: Employees

The required documents are specified in the confirmation of your appointment. If your employer made the appointment for you, ask him or her for the confirmation. You can also check which documents are required below.


  • A digital, approved and valid pass request with 'visit BC' status
  • A valid and original ID, or a residence permit together with a foreign passport (for non-EU/EER citizens)
  • A valid Declaration of No Objection (VGB), if applicable
  • A valid Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG), if applicable
  • If you receive a Schiphol pass with platform authorisation (there is a 'P' on the pass), you must follow the General and Platform e-learning modules of the Safety & Security training course and take the certificates proving you have completed the modules to the Badge Center.

More information about the Certificate of No Objection

The details on the Certificate of No Objection (VGB) must correspond with the details on your identity document.

  • Do you work through a staff agency? If so, the details on the VGB must correspond with the information held by the agency.
  • A VGB is valid for a period of five years and is linked to the Schiphol Pass. Exactly five years after the date of issue of your VGB, your pass will expire too.
  • You will therefore need to apply for a new certificate every five years.
  • Temporary staff will be issued a Schiphol Pass for a maximum of six months. This allows you to use the same VGB several times.
  • The General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (AIVD) takes eight weeks to process VGB applications. You must therefore apply for a certificate in good time.

Iris scan and contact lenses

Good to know: Schiphol uses iris recognition for passes in protected areas. Do you wear contact lenses? Bring a contact lens tray and solution with you, as you will need to remove them for the iris scan.

Safety & Security

Employees who work on the airside aprons or restricted and/or clean areas of the airport need special authorisations. You will sometimes need to take tests or have special training for this. Your employer will know exactly what is required.


You will only be given a Schiphol Pass if you satisfy the conditions of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In addition, the Badge Centre can only help if you have made an appointment in advance and have completed the tests or training which are required for your authorisations.