Our Vision 2050

Royal Schiphol Group plays an important social and economic role. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the world’s best-connected airports, offering direct links to 296 international destinations. This global reach is strengthened by our regional airports and international alliances and participations.

Our Group Vision outlines how we plan to maintain and build on this role in the years ahead, by delivering value to our customers, partners and communities, and society as a whole. The value we bring begins with the quality of our network: the connectivity offered by our passenger and cargo networks, and how they support the competitiveness of the Randstad region and the Netherlands.

To read more about our Vision 2050 go to www.annualreportschiphol.com .

Quality of Network

The quality of our network is an essential pillar of Schiphol Group’s Vision 2050. In a globalised world, connectivity by air is key to a country’s economic and broader societal wellbeing. Indeed, the role of Schiphol in the Dutch economy has evolved from a ‘mainport’ driving the growth of jobs, GDP and logistics, to an essential enabler for the Netherlands to compete as a Global City Region (the ‘Holland Metropole’). In this way, the connectivity offered by Schiphol, and in particular through our world-class network of destinations, is an integral component of our 'Why' of Connecting your world.

Quality of Life

As we maintain our strong position in connectivity, we focus on improving the quality of the living environment, both locally and globally. Our Vision 2050 outlines our core strategies to help tackle aviation’s contribution to climate change and the sustainable development goals, becoming energy-positive, advocating sustainable aviation, implementing circular economy principles and securing a healthy living environment around our airports. We also have an action plan to achieve zero emissions and zero waste at our own locations by 2030, which is outlined in our Roadmap Most sustainable airports.

Quality of Service

As our Group grows in size as well as scope, we continue to prioritise quality over quantity in terms of the different services we provide. Schiphol and the other airports in our Group face increasing competition from other air travel options and transport modes. To remain first choice for our customers, we need to go above and beyond by offering a consistently outstanding quality of service. This means not only safe and hassle-free journeys, but also unique, memorable travel experiences.


The first enabler of our three Vision 2050 cornerstones is safety. Ensuring the safe running of our airport operations for everyone who works on our site, as well as safe surroundings for passengers and local residents, is not only essential to our day-to-day operations, it is our licence to operate.

Robust organisation

The airport industry is changing faster than ever. To remain a globally leading airport group, we must be a robust and adaptive organisation and an attractive employer with a working environment that facilitates collaboration, development, ownership and, last but not least, fun. Our people are innovators that orchestrate safe and inspiring journeys for our customers, while we see diversity, inclusion and vitality as important preconditions for success for our managers and employees.