Shareholder Information: Shareholder Information

Schiphol Group shareholders

Royal Schiphol Group is an independent and commercial enterprise that has been profitable for years. Royal Schiphol Group N.V. has four shareholders.


  • Dutch government: 129,880 A shares (69.77%)
  • Municipality of Amsterdam: 37,276 A shares (20.03%)
  • Municipality of Rotterdam: 4,099 A shares (2.20%)
  • Groupe ADP: 14,892 B shares (8.00%)

Total: 186,147 shares (100.00%)

Authorised capital

The authorised capital of Royal Schiphol Group N.V. amounts to 143 million euros, divided into 300,000 A shares and 14,892 B shares, each with a nominal value of € 454.- In total, 171,255 of the A shares and 14,892 of the B shares have been issued.

Financial Calendar

14 February 2020: Annual Results

28 August 2020: Interim Results

Dividend Policy

Royal Schiphol Group aims to pay its shareholders an adequate dividend. In determining the dividend, we take account of the company’s cash flows and financial position. We distribute this dividend once a year.

The dividend policy provides for a maximum pay-out of 60% of the result (attributable to shareholders), excluding the fair value gains on investment property after tax.