The blueveyor is 99% recyclable and 60% more energy efficient: Circular baggage belts

Schiphol moves more than 50-million individual pieces of baggage every year, which travel over 30-km of transportation belts. Schiphol has had 110-metres of circularly-designed bleuveyors (blue baggage belts) installed since 2010.

The blueveyors are an example of great innovation that results from two companies joining forces. Vanderlande designed the ‘cradle-to-cradle’ baggage claim that uses less energy that previous systems, and Schiphol provided the test environment. The black baggage belts have been replaced by the more durable blue in some places.

Repeated re-use and recycle

The blueveyor has been designed to be easily dismantled at the end of its lifecycle. It’s different parts and materials can then be reused, such as the belts, plastic parts, nuts and bolts. These things can be reused over and over, so the cycle remains closed.

The benefits of the blueveyor system:

  • The blue bands are 99% recyclable. The blueveyor is the first baggage belt in the world to be designed in a circular way.
  • The adjustment of the driving method will result in a 60% reduction of energy consumption.
  • In addition, the blueveyor material contains no toxic substances.

Blueveyor 2.0 in development

The blueveyor pilot ran successfully and provided input for further development. Vanderlande has developed a next ‘2.0’ version, which fits better with our baggage basement’s strict fire safety requirements and is also less expensive.

Want to see how it works?