Career: A world of opportunities

Social and economic interests, politics, commerce, mobility, safety and the environment are among the social issues that are in one way or another reflected by our daily operations. Schiphol Group can justly be considered a 'world of opportunities' for professionals in an extensive range of disciplines.

A world of opportunities

Our mission is to link the Netherlands to other important cities and regions in the world via the Mainport Schiphol. It is the aim of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to be the most sustainable and high quality airport. We operate Schiphol as an AirportCity: a dynamic environment providing its users with all the services they need. An upbeat environment where countless activities are carried out night and day. A World of Opportunities.

Surprising careers

Schiphol Group offers countless opportunities in career development within every discipline. In practice, careers tend to develop much less predictably here than anywhere else. First of all, this is reflected by the diversity of Schiphol Group’s various divisions. We manage not only airports or airport divisions in the Netherlands, we also carry out this activity abroad. Secondly, this can also be attributed to the complexity of our subjects, which involve the participation of various internal and external stakeholders, including the government.

In an organisation where such an extensive range of different professions work together as intensively as here and where processes intermingle with these disciplines in such an extensive manner, surprising changes in career paths are more often the rule than the exception.