News: Proof of Impact

With all of the various media objects available at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, how can advertisers know what kind of impact they can expect? In August 2018, Schiphol Media performed a pilot to test the efficiency of the Digital Shopping Network (DSN) screens in Lounges 1, 2 and 3. The results? Sweeter than the world’s finest chocolate.

Published on: 19 July 2019

Setting a target

The pilot began with the selection of a consistent product that had been in the Duty-Free assortment for at least a year, enjoyed a high volume of sales, and maintained a steady price. The Schiphol Media team finally selected Godiva chocolates, known around the world for their quality and taste.

Schiphol Media created a dynamic video of a hand carefully selecting a chocolate from a box of assorted bonbons. This also allowed the team to test the impact of a dynamic image instead of a static one. The video played on all digital screens in our network for one month.

Outstanding results

The results are in, and success is sweet! Although Godiva was not running any other advertising campaigns in Schiphol, sales spiked during the pilot month. Godiva saw a 27% increase in revenue. Passenger transactions were 34% higher than the previous month, and there was an additional € 80,000 in tasty chocolate treats sold. Proof positive that advertising at Schiphol is the secret to success.

More information

Contact accountmanager Floris Hoogendoorn at or +31 6 51 42 92 71.