News: New eye-catching ad space at Schiphol

Brand-new Astrovision

After seven years of loyal service, the iconic giant video screen on the Jan Dellaertplein has been replaced with a brand-new one. Our next-generation Astrovision screen is an 81 m2 audio/visual powerhouse that effortlessly attracts the attention of commuters and international travellers with a mix of news and branded content.

Published on: 12 December 2019


Whether they step off the train, get off the bus or have just landed at Schiphol, visitors will likely see the razor-sharp Astrovision screen as soon as they walk out of Schiphol Plaza. It hangs directly in front of the two main exits and shows a mix of news, adverts and branded content every day between 6:00 am and midnight. Moreover, this is the only screen at Schiphol that also provides audio.

Square with flair

Travellers tread on the Jan Dellaertplein 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every year, around 24 million vacationers, day-trippers, Schiphol employees and public transport passengers are picked up here by taxis, cars or buses. With a bit of luck, they can jump immediately into their mode of transport. But often, they have to stand around and wait a while. In that case, their attention is quickly drawn to the Astrovision’s sparkling sound and images.