News: New in Departure Hall 1A: #SnapFly

Published on: 14 September 2017

Very soon, travelers passing through our new Departure Hall will be tempted into the interactive photo cubes we’ve placed there. These are the ideal place to take a special and memorable photo of yourself before leaving on your trip. Advertisers can turn this personal moment into an unforgettable branded experience.

Departure Hall 1A

Now that Departure Hall 1A has been in use at Schiphol for a while, this space is becoming increasingly attractive for advertisers. The new #SnapFly cubes are a good example of this. Travelers can take a special photo of themselves in the eye-catching cubes, and then share the photo online with their friends and family if they like. This gives brands a great opportunity to make a positive impression, because the #SnapFly cubes are extremely well suited to all types of branding.

Travelers can’t wait to put themselves in the picture with #SnapFly

So how does the branding actually look? This very much depends on what the brands themselves want to do with the medium. For instance, you could view the #SnapFly cubes as a modern kind of photo booth, in which one or more travelers pose in front of a background that’s been selected by you, against a green screen. The cubes themselves simply can’t be missed by anyone walking through the Departure Hall. They immediately catch the eye thanks to the enormous video screen on the rear wall, on which the action inside the cubes can be seen in pin-sharp detail. With just one click on the button, travelers can share their photos via several different social media channels.

Like to advertise on #SnapFly?

Every year, around two million people go through Departure Hall 1A and route to destinations all over Europe. You can send them on their way with a smile. If you’d like to know all about the various ways in which you can connect your brand to this interactive experience, please contact Jérôme Legger, our Key Account Manager, on +31 6 51221136