News: Eye tracking at Schiphol: who has their eyes on your ad?

Every day, hundreds of thousands of travellers find their way through Schiphol. And every one of them passes by dozens of media objects from various advertisers. But just because someone walks past a billboard, lightbox or screen, doesn’t mean he or she actually has an eye for your advertisement. So, to measure the effective reach of the objects, we recently conducted an extensive eye-tracking survey. Together with market research firm Ipsos.

Published on: 31 May 2019

See, it works!

In the service of qualitative research, dozens of travellers walked through Lounge 2 and on the G pier, wearing special, high-tech glasses. Researchers tracked every eye movement: what they were looking at, how long they held their gaze, and how often they noticed the same message. Then, researchers asked participants a number of questions afterwards. For example, about what they could remember from certain advertisements.

Curious about the results of our study? We expect to be able to share them with you in June!