Did you know that...Junior

Did you know that...

…the world's highest airport is in Tibet?

This airport is called Ngari Kunsha and it is situated at an elevation of about 4,500 metres.

…Schiphol welcomed the billionth passenger in 2011?

…there is a genuine Fokker parked on the Panorama Terrace?

You can go inside, too, and read all kinds of information about Fokker and aviation.

…the first Trans-Atlantic flight took some 54 hours over the course of 7 days?

…Schiphol is the only airport in the world to still be operating in its original location?

…the oldest air traffic control tower at Schiphol has been converted into a restaurant?

…in the old days, all kerosene was shipped on barges from Rotterdam to Schiphol?

Nowadays underground pipelines are used.

…the nickname of KLM's DC-2 aircraft from 1934 is the ‘Uiver’?

It means ‘stork’ in the Dutch dialect spoken in the Betuwe region of the Netherlands.

…there are polar bears working at Schiphol?

‘Polar bear’ is the term for the office workers who help keep the runways and platforms clear of snow in the winter.

…air traffic controllers make sure that aircraft do not get too close to each other, not only in the skies but also on the ground?

From their high air traffic towers, they communicate with the pilots and guide them to a safe route.

…there are two hotels located beyond the security control checkpoint where passengers can have an afternoon lie-down?

Hotel Mercure Schiphol Terminal is located in Departure Lounge 3 and YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol is in Departure Lounge 2. You must have a valid boarding pass and passport to use either of these hotels.

…a cargo aircraft is fully loaded and ready for departure within 90 minutes?

…an aircraft is loaded slightly heavier in the rear section?

This makes take-off easier.

…the first flight using a motorised aircraft was conducted in 1903 and lasted only 12 seconds?

…there is a special training aircraft for fire brigades at Schiphol?

Actual fires are set. The name of this aircraft? Fire Fly.

…there are more Did you know that... facts to share?

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