Staff car park P40:

icoon uitroepteken You may have noticed the recent addition of a payment terminal and cameras for number plate recognition at the exit of P40. This is a temporary measure to compensate for the expected crowds leaving P3. This way, guests parked at P3 can also drive out via an extra exit at P40. There will be no additional parkers at P40!
Read more about this temporary extra exit

Parking permit P40

If you work in the central area of the airport grounds, you can make use of this large staff car park. P40 is conveniently located if you live to the north or east of Schiphol. You will receive a parking permit if there is sufficient availability and based on your home address.

Car park changes

For quite some time, employees were unable to get parking privileges for staff parking at P30 and P40. However, there are now a limited number of car spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you get one of these car spaces, you will be able to use the car park building rather than parking lot.

Address for route planner

P40 Straat, Schiphol.

Main features of car park P40

  • requires a Schiphol Pass with parking permit;
  • small car park;
  • useful if you live to the north or east of Schiphol;
  • less than 14 minutes to reach the terminal by bus or bicycle

Transport between P40 and the terminal

  • bus trip + short walk, an average of nine minutes in total;
  • buses depart frequently, also at night;
  • free with Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS);
  • an average of 14 minutes by bicycle

Price indication

These are the prices of a parking permit or parking space per month, excluding VAT:

Parking location Price / month (ex. btw)
P40 € 41.41