News: From week 17, P40 has a temporary exit for P3

You might have noticed already: the recent addition of a payment terminal and cameras for number plate recognition at the exit of P40. This is a temporary measure to compensate for the expected crowds leaving P3, in the coming May and summer period. This way, guests parked at P3 can also drive out via an extra exit at P40. There will be no additional parkers at P40!

From week 17, P40 has a temporary exit for P3

Published on: 20 April 2018

At the moment we are busy expanding the parking garage of P3. Therefore, one of the exits cannot be used. To compensate for this, we have made an extra exit at P3 Privium. In the May holiday and in the entire summer period, however, we expect so many extra long-term parkers at P3 that this extra Privium exit will not be sufficient. That’s why P3 parkers can also temporarily drive out of the extra exit at P40, from 23 April 2018 (week 17).

The payment terminal and license plate scanners are therefore only intended for outgoing traffic from P3 Long Parking.