Are you being safe?: Schiphol Safety Day - Monday 2 December


Safety is about much more than just rules and procedures. It affects all of us personally, because we all find ourselves in risky situations sometimes – at work, at home, or while we’re out and about.

At the Schiphol Safety Day you’ll find out how to prevent accidents, and what to do if things go wrong.

Have you always wanted to put out a fire? Would you like to take a first-aid course? Do you want to know what it’s like to be in a car that’s upside down? Or are you curious to hear some risk lessons from a genuine survival expert?

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You can register until 2 p.m. on Thursday November 28.

The main language for the Safety Dayl activities is Dutch. The New Pier Construction Site Tour and - Viewing Site however will be in English

Talk: Risk lessons from a survival expert

For more than 25 years, on expeditions the world over, adventurer Melvin Redeker has walked a fine line between safety and pushing limits. Along the way he has developed a unique perspective on cooperation, safety and dealing with change and setbacks.

Getting a grip on risk – from here to the Himalayas

On his trailblazing trips, Melvin Redeker has defied blizzards in the Himalayas, scaled virgin peaks and come face to face with a pod of hunting orcas on the ocean floor. You’d have to be pretty reckless to do all that, wouldn’t you? Yes and no. Because although he consciously pushes the limits, he does everything he can to avoid risks during these expeditions.

Listen to Melvin’s thrilling tale, feast your eyes on his spectacular visual aids and learn from the edge of your seat how having a good understanding of your risk appetite can help you make better decisions in your life and in the workplace.

With an introduction from Birgit Otto, COO of Royal Schiphol Group.

What time? 12.00 arrival with lunch, talk starts at 12.30
How long? 90 min
Where? In the auditorium in the Schiphol Building

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Great workshops & demos

It’s safety first, second and third during the varied Safety Day programme. We’re running challenging workshops and interactive demos in all corners of the airport. Places are limited, so sign up today!

Fire-fighting training

Find out what it’s like to put out a fire in the practice space of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Fire Service. It’ll be spectacular to act upon, and you’re sure to learn a lot. How does a fire start? How does it develop? And what’s the best way to fight the flames?

What time? 9.30 / 11.30 / 13.30 / 15.30
How long? 60 minutes
Where? Schiphol Safety Training Centre (VTC)

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Schiphol World in VR

Did you know that the whole of Schiphol also exists in Virtual Reality? The fire service uses this virtual 3D environment on a daily basis to practise responding to emergency situations at the airport. This helps them to learn their way around ‘blindfolded’, without disrupting operations. During the Safety Day, you’ll have the chance to experience the virtual Schiphol world wearing a VR headset.

What time? 11.00 – 14.00
How long? A new pair every 15 minutes
Where? X Room / Atrium

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First-aid workshop

No one needs to be told how important first aid is. Whether you’re after a refresher or you’ve never done any first aid before, this practical workshop is for you. You’ll learn resuscitation with and without an AED, an effective approach to choking and how to act quickly when someone loses consciousness, faints or has a seizure. By the end of the course you’ll know the five key points of administering first aid.

What time? 8.30 – 12.30 and 13.00 – 17.00
How long? 4 hours
Where? Schiphol Building, Room E-441

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Baggage Basement Safety Walk

Have you always wanted to take a look inside our ultra-modern baggage basement? Now’s your chance! During this safety walk you’ll explore the enormous room full of smart robots, in a group of no more than 10 people. You’ll hear an explanation of the safety risks in this location, and discuss with the people who work there how they deal with these risk situations.

Important note: For this activity, wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory. If you have your own PPE, bring it along. If not, at a minimum you must bring your own safety shoes. We can lend you the rest at the distribution desk.

Important note: You can only take part in this activity if you have a Schiphol Pass with access to the baggage basement (B). An exception can be made for a maximum of three people. If you don’t have a ‘B’ on your pass, but you want to take part, then sign up as soon as possible and send an email to If you’re one of the first three people to email us, you can take part.

What time? 10.00
How long? 2 hours
Where? CUIP-desk terminal/The central distribution desk

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Safe Evacuation Safety Walk

Dust off your trainers and get ready for a surprising walk around Schiphol. During this safety walk you’ll explore an operational area of the airport in a group of no more than 8 people. You’ll hear an explanation of the safety risks in this location, and discuss with the people who work there how they deal with these risk situations.

Important note: You can only take part in this activity if you have a green or orange Schiphol Pass.

What time? 10.30 and 14.00
How long? 90 minutes
Where? Terminal

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Self-Reliance Workshop

Fight, flight or freeze: how would you react in an emergency situation? You can’t know until you’re in one – right? Wrong! In this interactive workshop you’ll find out your ‘disaster personality type’. This information could be of vital importance, for you and the people around you. For a maximum of 30 participants.

What time? 13.00 and 15.00
How long? 45 minutes
Where? Terminal

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New Pier Construction Site Tour

Take a peek at the future of Schiphol with a visit to the construction site of our new pier. Learn all about this fascinating project and get a real-world lesson on safety in construction. What hazards are present, and how can you prevent accidents on a crowded construction site, full of risks both large and small?

__Important note: For this activity, wearing the correct PPE is mandatory. If you don’t bring PPE, you can’t take part in this activity. __

What time? 9.45 / 10.00 / 10.15 / 13.45 / 14.00 / 14.15 /
How long? 75 minutes
Where? Main entrance to the construction site
Language of the tour: English

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New Pier Construction Site Viewing Point

If you don’t have the correct safety clothing to be able to visit the pier construction site, but you’d still like to know about the construction of this fascinating project, this is the activity for you! From this vantage point you’ll have a great view of all the work. Staff from the Capital Programme will answer all your questions.

What time? 10.30 / 11.00 / 2.30 / 3.00
How long? 20 minutes
Where? Viewing Point (at the corner by the Kiss & Ride zone)
Language of the tour: English

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Serious games

Think safety’s boring? Think again! Not only are these serious games extremely exciting, but they’ll also teach you a thing or two.

Car crash simulator

Have you ever been in a car that’s upside down? Hopefully not. It’s a shocking and disorientating experience, even in a controlled environment. During Safety Day you can experience it for yourself, in the accident simulator. It will provide a realistic simulation of what it’s like to be in a vehicle as it rolls over following a collision. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, in the role of driver or passenger in this perilous situation you’ll learn how to get out of the car safely and without injury. A maximum of two participants per session.

What time? All day
How long? 15 minutes
Where? In front of the entrance to the Schiphol Building

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Escape room: panic at the airport

Whether you’re already an escape-room expert or you’ve never done one before, you don’t want to miss this spectacular Schiphol edition! In a team of up to eight people you’ll race against time to solve a range of different safety challenges. The key ingredients are cooperation, common sense and learning from your mistakes. A surprising way to get to know your colleagues better and experience the importance of working safely (without the risk of someone actually getting injured). You can sign up with one or more other people.

What time? All day
How long? 60 minutes
Where? In the terminal

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Bow Tie Game: Safety First

How do you find the right balance between safety and making as much money as possible? In the Bow Tie Game, you’ll learn all about risk management versus production goals in construction projects. You play the game with four participants, over six rounds; in each round you decide how much money you’ll spend on safety measures and equipment. If you choose the right safety measures, you’ll perform the task successfully and make money. But if you spend too little on safety, you run the risk of an industrial accident and having your site shut down. If you invest too much money in safety, you’ll make less money than you spent. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Beat the other players in your game for eternal glory, or make the most money of all the day’s players to win the grand prize.

What time? 11.00 – 14.00
How long? 30 minutes per game
Where? X Room / Atrium

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